Adnan Pardesy Akif Mehmood & Mohsin’s Collection For Women

Adnan Pardesy Akif Mehmood & Mohsin's Collection For Women 3FROM THE RUNWAY TO READY TO WEAR REALITY
How we raved about the collection put out by Adnan Pardesy, Akif Mehmood and Mohsin Ali
at the last PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. Now they bring runway ideas into ready to wear Pakistan
style. We love Mohsin’s play with orange and white and blue with a nonchalant smattering of gota
at edges. Gota is outstading looking in dresses. And that jumpsuit with a shalwar kameez feel shows
us that he is hell best on redefining how Pakistan dresses.Akif will give here innovative beading on
sombre colors that seems to be his signature, the mixing of texture and fabric. Adnan Pardasy, the
couturier at heart can be relief upon for ready to wear drama – here, he restructures the classic
peshwas into a edgy garments for modern day Anarkali who frequent the city hot spots.
Three young Pakistani designers showed on Pakistan platform and were snapped up by retailer
Asad Tareem. the clothes will be available at his stores The Designers within this week.