Ankle Tattoo Designs

Ankle tattoo designs (4)Tattoo designs on the ankle are desired by most women and girls. It is placed on or around the area of the ankle and is very sexy and cute. Ankle tattoo designs can easily be concealed. In general the designs are kept small, simple and inconspicuous, and will draw attention if needed by simply lowering the sock or raising the leg of your pants. The appearance of the tattoo design on the ankle is extremely feminine, which sets you apart from the rest.

Ankle tattoo designs are available in a wide variety of design and colors and you must ensure you choose one that is suitable to your personality and taste. Some of the popular designs include the butterfly, star and flowers. These unique and sought after design are great to accentuate a women’s ankle and looks great during spring and summer time of the year.

When choosing this type of design, extra care should be taken as the skin around this area of the body is fairly thin and requires good after care. But, if done correctly, there is no reason why you should not end up with your dream tattoo. One of the most important facts here is protecting your ankle during the healing process, which may take longer than other locations on the body.

The area around your ankle is quite bony and has many nerves leading into the foot. If you find this too painful and still want to go ahead with your tattoo, then you should consider having this done in stages. You can first have the outline done thereafter return to the artist to have the design inked in stages, then lastly the shading and colouring.

The biggest obstacle after you have acquired your ankle tattoo is that your foot is always moving and shoes, boots or sandals tend to rub which slows down the healing process of the tattoo. In some cases it may require a touch-up. It is therefore best to do the ankle tattoo during summer time or whilst on a break away from work. So the best advice for a speedy tattoo recovery is not to wear anything around the feet at all.

The tattoo design on the ankle requires an artist with a very high level of skill and experience. Be sure to ask your tattoo artist if they are qualified and also request samples of previous work done by them. In this way you can rest assured that you will have peace of mind before and after the work is done.