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Zainab Hasan

Zainab Hasan Pakistani Dresses

Zainab Hasan

Zainab Hasan

Zainab Hasan is a Pakistani Couture brand from Karachi. While being no so old, Zainab Hasan is a statement brand. Its for the women, who want to stand out. Read more »

Exclusive Summer Wear Collection 2014 for Women by Ghani Kaka

Ghani Kaka Exclusive Summer Wear Collection 2014 for Women 2Newly, Ghani Textile exclusive summer wear collections 2014 for women have freshly released. Ghani Textile has released their first collection of the summer wear time 2014. Read more »

Hairstyles to Rock in 2014


If you want to look beautiful and glamorous, the thing that comes after your dressing is your hairstyle which has a great influence on your personality. The year 2014 has brought a number of glamorous and beautiful hairstyles. If you want to look modern and stylish, then you must follow the current hair trend.

front flick cut

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