Colorful Hairstyles Fashion for Women 2013

Colorful Hairstyles Fashion for Women 2013 3Hair color correction is a big money maker in salons nationwide. The reason: over-the-counter coloring products have given consumers the impression that hair color is easy and extremely affordable. One look at a professionally-colored model on a commercial or glossy magazine page, and many people clamor to the closest drug store to purchase a $5 box of color with the hopes of receiving a $50 salon look.

The results are often disastrous, and it can take hundreds of dollars to correct a coloring problem that could have been prevented with just a tiny bit of knowledge and planning.
The most common problem seen with hair coloring at home and in salons is choosing a color that is too light for the natural shade of your locks. Realistically, color can only lighten hair beautifully by a few shades.

If you go any lighter than a few shades, you need to choose a high-lift product such as bleach or a professional highlighting system.

Colorful Hairstyles Failure to do this often results in hair color that is much too brassy or even orange.
Word to the wise: high-lift hair coloring should only be performed by professionals. The controlled chemicals used in the process, if used incorrectly, can result in irreparable damage and/or chemical burns on the scalp and skin.
Another coloring mistake that is seen quite often is choosing a color that is too dark.