Dubai Abaya Collection 2013 | Arabian Abaya Fashion Designs | Islamic Abaya Dresses 2013-2014

Dubai Abaya Collection 2013Few years back Muslim women are get Abayas and worn as a covered on dresses but today Abayas are comes in looking like a dress. Abaya and Hijaab are well known Muslim costume of Middle East and South Asia. These Abaya Dresses mostly worn Muslim community women in all over the world. Today abayas having many designs and different patterns. As fashion has developed day by day, in addition Abaya designs having much change.

Different countries having different abaya patterns. Today we have brought Dubai Abaya collection 2013 have been collected from world’s famous clothing brand DAS Collection. Reem and Belja fla are the founder of this exclusive Abaya clothing brand. DAS Collection is well known Dubai based fashion brand was formed in 2008.

Muslim women are worn as a safety cover when out in public. Here you can find stunning range of embroidered abaya designs. Foreign females who are living in UAE cities so like these type abayas. These are spring summer abaya designs and its fabric given according to the current running season.