Glasses Fashion for Women in 2013

Glasses Fashion for Women in 2013 (3)Glasses in Fashion

In the last couple of years, fashion has really changed people’s opinions of glasses, removing the “four eyes” and “geek” schoolyard jeers and transforming them into a cool accessory. This popularity means that even people without sight problems are wearing glasses to make a fashion statement.

The benefits of glasses becoming fashionable has meant that more and more designers are creating new prescription glasses with a huge variety of frames, giving you more options when picking glasses than ever before. Now with so many options there is a large, diverse range to consider and it can be difficult to get it right when you are buying glasses.

Glasses Trends in 2013

Fashion is always changing and glasses are no exception, with a wealth of different styles, colours and designers to choose from, it’s important that you pick the glasses that are going to suit you, while making you fashionable. The trend in 2012 was huge oversized glasses with thick frames and this seems to have carried on in 2013. Some designers are beginning to move towards thinner, boxy frames with many including designs on the ear-pieces and making their frames available in a huge range of colours.

One of the biggest new trends for 2013 is the floral pattern, which has been dominating the runways so far this year. Floral has entered wardrobes, appearing on jeans, leggings, dresses and tops, so it’s only fitting that flower power has made it onto our frames too. Another new fashion statement is ‘cat eye’ glasses which are making their way back onto the catwalk, bringing back the retro styles of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Many of these feline frames have been given a modern flair with a variety of colours.

Right glasses for you

With so many different fashion frames out there you are really spoiled for choice when it comes to styles and colours. To get the best effect you should pick glasses that suit the shape of your face and compliment your personality and style. When choosing colours you should consider your complexion – do not buy glasses to match the shirt you’re wearing!

You change your clothes regularly but your skin stays more or less the same so pick a colour to complement it. Generally darker complexions can get away with lighter colours whereas lighter complexions should go for darker colours of glasses.