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Shirin Hassan UK Young Collection 2014

Another high quality collection from Shirin Hassan for winter 2014 in UK. This winter collection is now available across all stores and online websites throughout Pakistan and United Kingdom and selling like hot cakes. Because its Winter 2014 collection and it comes from the Pakistani Fashion Designer Shirin Hassan, its slightly expensive but very stylish. The price range for Shirin Hassan Young Collection Winter 2014 is £80 to £300. This is slightly expensive from their previous collections as Shirin Hassan Young Collection is like a party wear for Winter type of collection. So they have used thicker fabrics and motifs etc which resulted in the slight hike of prices.

Shirin Hassan, originally based in Lahore, Pakistan is available online mostly in United Kingdom but there are 2 stores, one in London and one in Manchester who stock Shirin Hassan and Young Collection 2014 is available in Manchester store only.

Here are the images from the photo shoot which took place in their Lahore store and this whole Young Collection of winter is now available for orders. Shirin Hassan Young Collection comprises of two sections, one is stitched and one if unstitched. We have only features their stitched Young Collection by Shirin Hassan for UK. Here are the pictures that we have selected by keeping UK’s market and Fashion in mind. By the number of sales of this collection, it seems like Young Winter Collection has gained high popularity in Working Pakistani and Indian Women in UK and Young girls are also loving these for Mehndi, Mayyon dholki dresses in UK etc.