Iqra & Zaynab Eid-Ul-Azha Collection 2013 for Women

Iqra & Zaynab Eid-Ul-Azha Collection 2013 for Women 1In Pakistan, Iqra and Zaynab is considered to be a well known and leading fashion brand. Two women named Iqra and Zayned have founded this reputable fashion brand few months back. It has gained positive reputation and success in a short time period. Casual wear, formal wear, semi formal wear, evening wear etc are the main product lines of Iqra & Zaynab fashion brand. All the collections of Iqra & Zaynab are superb and elegant. As we know that now are the days for eid ul azha shopping and women are busy in buying clothes for eid dinners and functions. Iqra & Zaynab is also back with its latest collection for this purpose.

Iqra & Zaynab has launched its exclusive and latest eid ul azha collection 2013 for women, recently. This Eid collection by Iqra & Zaynab is stylish and elegant and the dresses are ideal for young girls. This collection includes elegant and stylish dresses like long shirts with tights, pajamas etc. Brown, golden, black etc are the colors used in this collection. Mostly full sleeves dresses are available in this collection while there are also few sleeveless dresses. On the dresses, beautiful and unique printed work has also been done in this collection. Women can also wear these stylish dresses as party wear and formal wear apart from Eid dinners. Each dress in this collection shows the style, elegance and current fashion trends.

Given below are few pictures of Iqra & Zaynab Eid-ul-Azha collection 2013 for women. At different multi-brand stores, this exclusive collection by Iqra & Zaynab is available. Iqra & Zaynab eid collection 2013 is fashionable and stylish overall.