Latest Designer Sarees 2013

Latest Designer Sarees 2013Designer sarees are redefining the saree market not just in India but overseas too. They are acting like an elixir to the slowly dying saree industry and has infused a fresh lease of life to the saree suppliers and exporters. Die hard saree fans would find it hard to believe but the saree market both in India and abroad has shrunk over a period of time. Even though this attire has been in demand for almost 5000 years, exuding its charisma through simplicity, fluidity and style. However, it has failed to catch up with the current pace of time and got left behind only to be worn on certain occasions or instances.

As fashion trends keeps on changing, off late, there has been a renewed interest in this attire and the same can be seen in the increased sales of designer sarees in the last few years. As the business prospects are looking bright in the long run, many labels are pouring some serious investment not just from India but also from quarters like Middle-East etc.

There are three main factors which govern a designer saree. They are:

Experimentation Designer sarees call for inhibited experimentation. In a bid to see what can work and what can not, designers are busy experimenting with different aspects of a saree, be it the fabric or the pattern or the height and the way it is wrapped around.

Bold colours and styles Saree designers like Sabyasachi, label 24 etc. are known for adding new hues to this traditional attire and no wonder that bold and sparkling colours are making a comeback.

The marriage of East and West Fusion is the name of the game. The saree designers are busy blending the designs of both the worlds and create a product which is traditional in theme and doesn’t compromise with the western sensibilities as well. This is usually done to lure the western buyers to buy and wear is in order to push an all together new market segment.

Even though saree has maintained its uniqueness amidst the flurry of fashionable dresses and styles, however the way to go forward or any effort to reclaim its glorious past would be to “evolve”. The fabric used for creating designer sarees like silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette etc. leaves immense scope for experimentation. One thing is for sure that the Designer sarees are the one which will spearhead the revival of the Indian saree industry. Hopefully in the times to come the India based designer sarees suppliers will be able make their mark in the global arena for once and for all.