Latest Pakistani Dress Trend in UK

Latest Pakistani Dress Trend in UK

UK being the home of huge number of overseas Pakistani has it own Fashion trend in Asian Wearing.

scan006 Latest Pakistani Dress Trend in UK

Pakistani dress Collection for UK

Right when things are getting colder in UK the Fashion has taken a new shape to fit in this weather.

All Pakistani designers have came up with a thicker Fabric like Velvet, Linen and Khadar for this weather, While the Long shirts and Kameez is still very much in the fashion but people are also experimenting with rather shorter Kameez with Palazzo and Tights. It can be clearly seen that the next fashion update will take the length of the Kameez and shirts bit shorter. We can see the Light Threaded Embroidery on the casual dresses and the great thing to see in this winter pakistani collection 2014 was the use of bright and Vibrant colors.

We have also seen some amazing formal collections by the big Pakistani designer in this winter, The Winter formal collection has gained a lot of Popularity in UK as the wedding season is approaching in a couple of months time and the weather would be pleasant  too, We are looking forward to see some Hot UK Pakistani fashion in coming months.


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