Latest Skull Tattoo Design 2013

skullSome believe that a skull tattoo depicts negative connotations like a fear of the unknown, or a future full of uncertainty. It has also been suggested that it is an attempt to protect the bearer of a skull tattoo from death. I have my own theory, stemming from an experience with the bearer of a skull tattoo. His belief is closer to a simple statement: “Mess with me or what is mine, and you’re dead!” Okay, so maybe some so-called experts have overlooked an underlying intimidation factor. However, either way, there seems to be hundreds – if not thousands – of tattoo ideas in the books many tattoo shops allow customers to choose out of.

Many skull tattoos also coincide with depictions of the Grim Reaper – the creature sent to collect the souls of the departed, and accompany said souls into the depths of the afterlife. Funny thing about the Grim Reaper, though. It may be considered the bringer of death, or evil in some way, but – if the ancient stories hold some truth – the Grim Reaper is meant to be a neutral between good and evil.

A motorcycling colleague of mine has a Grim Reaper tattoo. It has the face of a skull, with no eyes, but a very bewitching leer upon its face. On its scythe (the curved knifelike instrument known to reap wheat – hence, the Grim Reaper), he has the date 6-14-89. This date carries a very sensitive significance to him. It was the day his childhood best friend succumbed to injuries he had suffered in a motorcycle accident.
skull 1
So, before I get too judgmental about the (what I sometimes find grotesque) skull tattoos, I will always have to remember that there is a reason and a tale behind every tattoo. I am sure that there are plenty of those in this world that find my fairy tattoos obscene (and I’ve been told that before), so I really should not throw stones when it comes to preferential ideals for tattoo design! Oh, and I should also remember that, apparently, most other people tend to find my eating habits just as disgusting!