New Henna Designs Latest Collection 2014

Henna Designs Latest Collection 2014 1Henna or Mehndi is liked and admired all over the world by women and girls of all ages. History reveals that females have been applying henna on their body for various religious, traditional and cultural values and since then it has been a tradition to apply henna on different occasions or on daily routine basis. Nowadays henna is applied as a very common fashion trend. The art of applying henna has been changed from time to time. Most recently it is applied by drawing various beautiful and unique designs and motives of floral, geometrical and classical patterns. Henna is applied on various formal and as well as casual occasions like weddings, engagements, parties, get-togethers and many other religious events. Different beauty saloons also provide henna applying facility in their make over packages. The experts are very talented in their fields and have expertise in applying the designs of different regions.