Party Wear by Zunaira’s Lounge in UK 2013

Zunaira’s Lounge is comparitively new brand in the Pakistani fashion industry owned by Mrs Sobya Jabeen but Zunaira Lounge is one of the most promising fashion designers in the upcoming category. They are formally based in Karachi and operate under the names Zunaira, Sobee and Anamta.

Pakistani Women Designer Zunaira Lounge

Zunaira’s Lounge Fashion Designer

Zunaira Lounge offers Pakistani dresses for women in casual, semi formal, formal, party wear and bridal dresses. Although being slightly on the higher end of the prices, Zunaira Lounge offers high value for money dresses. Zunaira Lounge had a lot of successful fashion shows in 2013 and their winter 2013 collection is really amazing. I have personally spotted their dresses in Pakistani Morning Shows several times in 2013.

Zunaira Lounge UK

Zunaira’s lounge in UK is being stocked by I LUV Designer which is an online retail company for Pakistani Fashion Designer’s Clothing for Women. I have added the dresses which were available for ordering online at the time of writing this post. I took the liberty to call I Luv Designer to find out how long do they take to deliver within UK and I was told that the dress is posted the same working day through Royal Mail from Manchester, United Kingdom.

Zunaira's Lounge Pakistani Party Wear Dress

Zunaira Lounge Party Wear

This is a formal party wear dress by Zunaira Lounge in Chiffon. Its white in color and comes with pink Sharara and pink dupatta. The price is this dress is £145.

Pakistani Party Wear Winter Collection


Latest Pakistani Party Wear Dresses UK



A unique Pakistani Party Wear dress in chiffon by Zunaira Lounge. Available in UK from for £95.  Its a three piece suit and you can order online with free delivery.


Party Wear by Zunaira’s Lounge in UK

Zunaira Lounge Buy Online UK

Zunaira Lounge Pakistani Fashion UK

A sleeveless evening dress by Zunaira Lounge in UK. Zunaira Lounge has the perfect understanding of what Pakistani people in UK are looking for when it comes to Fashion for Pakistani women in UK. This truly reflects in their work and the feedback from Zunaira’s lounge dresses speaks for itself. We have some really awesome reviews for zunaira’s lounge Pakistani dresses.

Having said that, I can safely say that Zunaira’s Lounge is here to stay for long for sure. And I can safely say that after being 20 years in Pakistani Fashion Industry and 8 years in UK-Pakistani Fashion.


Pakistani Party Wear Winter 2013-2014


Formal Collection of Pakistani Dresses available in UK to order online.

Formal Pakistani Designer Dresses Zunaira Lounge

Zunaira Lounge Formal Dresses


Zunaira Lounge Winter Dresses UK