Prep Your Hair for Summer with L’Oreal Paris’ Advanced Hair Care Treatments

LOREAL 11According to the calendar, there are still many weeks until Summer. Your heart and closet may be ready—but is your hair?

Gone are the days where you could claim ignorance about knowing that the sun is actually bad for your hair (and skin.) Real adults know that the sun is public enemy #1 for those glossy, subtly weaved highlights.

So along with the sunscreen and sunglasses for your beach bag, don’t forget the sun-care for your hair. L’Oreal Paris’s Color Vibrancy line is sun protection for your strands, shielding your hair from the sun’s damaging UVB/UVA rays. With antioxidants and UV filters, Color Vibrancy’s shampoo and conditioner infuses your hair with color protection from root to tip, keeping you covered from sun up to sun down.

If you don’t wash your hair everyday (as all experts recommend), Color Vibrancy’s Dual Protect Spray acts as your fill-in. You can liberally spray this all over your hair, onto damp or dry hair, prior to or during a day at the beach, to safeguard your hair and scalp for temperatures up to 450 degrees.

To safeguard your hair against even further damage, L’Oreal Paris’ Total Repair line revives fragile and brittle strands. The line is formulated with reparative ceramide, which helps decrease the five most common signs of damage and aging such as weakness, roughness, dullness, dehydration and split ends.
When the Advanced Haircare Damage-Erasing Balm is used in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner, it can help repair up to one year of damage in just one use. To seal in the benefits and as a finisher, top off your hair with the newest treatment to add moisture: Advanced Haircare Multi-Restorative Oil, a dry oil that is instantly absorbed into the fibers of the hair.