Stylish Ladies’ Party Shoes Collection 2013

Stylish Ladies' Party Shoes Collection 2013It’s a familiar story for most ladies out there. You had your hair done to look fabulous, you wore a killer new party dress and you even had a bit of a tan left over from that summer holiday. The only thing that’ll dampen your spirit after an amazing night out is the lingering pain in your feet.

Painful arches, blistered toes and cramping ankles are the bane of stiletto wearers everywhere. Even the most dedicated high heel aficionados will find that a long night on your feet in heels is a testing experience.

However, the good news is that it doesn’t need to be this way. There are affordable, comfortable and sexy high heel shoes available on the market. You simply need to know the styles that will allow you to last the distance – which means no more swapping to your ballet flats when the clock strikes midnight!

Finding the style that won’t hurt

Some girls have the stamina to wear a stiletto all night and not blink an eye. But for the rest of us, a more stable heel will seem well worth it the following morning. If you’re really out of practice wearing heels – or perhaps never had much practice in the first place – remember that the broader your heel point, and the more ankle support, the better.

The classic wedge heel not only offers great support, it’s also exceptionally easy to walk in. The wedge is one of the most fashionable shoe styles on the high street right now. The style is particularly good in bright, bold colours like a statement shade of red, or understated nude tones, like the beige heels so often worn by Kate Middleton.

Wedge heels in a fun animal print are also a sexy option for the more bold footwear fans, while simple black suede with a diamante trim is perfect for a great girls night out.

How high to go?

The thing to remember is that you can find the perfect pair of glittery party shoes without opting for sky high stilettos. We don’t all have the superhuman balance of celebs like Victoria Beckham. Certainly don’t compromise on wearing a heel entirely but opt for a manageable and comfortable height that will last the entire evening.