Trendy Coolest Butterfly Tattoos for Men 2013

Trendy Coolest Butterfly Tattoos for Men 2013Usually butterfly tattoos aren’t associated with men, but done up in specific patterns or with other designs, they look very handsome. Every culture had its own representation and symbolism of what butterflies stand for. But usually they stand for metamorphosis or a drastic change in life. The journey of a caterpillar to a butterfly is a long, tedious and hard journey, so in case you accomplished something after much strife or if you have experienced a radical change in your life, the butterfly is the perfect symbol to get tattooed with.

Ancient mythology of different cultures across time, believed various things about butterflies. The Greeks believed that every time a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, a new human soul is born. Irish believed that butterflies were the souls of the dead waiting to pass through purgatory. Germans believed that butterflies were actually children who were reborn from the dead and gave childless couples children. Europeans believed that human souls took the shape of butterflies and were viewed with great fear and respect. Chinese and Japanese associate joy and happiness with butterflies, whereas Indians associated butterflies with the dead, the journey they have to go through in death and when finally a butterfly dies, it symbolizes the final death of the soul. During the Holocaust, there were barracks assigned for children about to put to death, on those barrack walls were millions of butterflies scratched into it by stones or fingers. The children, who knew they were about to die used butterflies as a symbol of hope, that even though their current life will be put to an end, they would continue to live on as butterflies.

Men prefer getting butterfly tattoos with other masculine designs like the cross and Celtic or tribal designs. They use it in full sleeve tattoos or the chest with a specific theme going on. Some butterfly tattoos that are done in tribal designs have Chinese or Japanese scripts done between the wings. This looks very unique and mysterious. Nowadays, butterflies are associated with beauty, grace, transformation, freedom and independence, but also shallowness and instability. This is because a butterfly flits from flower to flower, never staying long enough on any one.

So, if you are a man and want to get a butterfly tattoo, go ahead and get one. Butterfly tattoos don’t necessarily have to be feminine in nature. They symbolize change, and a man can go through a change, if you are still hesitant, get one with various other designs but make up a singular theme for it. Remember; think any tattoo through before getting one, as getting it removed can be equally tedious and sometimes painful.