Zahra Ahmad Jumpsuit onesie for UK

Zahra Ahmad Jump Suits UK Collection for Winter 2014

Zahra Ahmad Jumpsuit for Winter United Kingdom

Buy Zahra Ahmad Jumpsuit  UK £45

Zahra Ahmad, the famous Pakistani Women Fashion Designer has released her 2014 winter casual collection. Amount all the attractive designs, there’s Zahra Ahmad’s first ever jumpsuit (all in one dress) design as well. Jumpsuits are getting a lot of attention after Maria.B launched 3 different collections of them in Pakistan in fall 2013. Because jumpsuits was something new in Pakistani Fashion industry, all of Maria B jumpsuit collections were very successful and after that we saw several other designers follow the trend. If you want to read more about what a jumpsuit or onesie is and whats its background is in UK Fashion industry, you can read more at this Wikipedia link.

This jumpsuit is designed for Winter’s cold weather so its perfect for UK’s climate. Zahra Ahmad called it a jumpsuit but UK Fashion industry calls it a onesie so this is also Zahra Ahmad first ever onesie for UK market. It comes with a cardigan and a Georgette dupatta in cream color. If you look at the picture, the white part from top to bottom is the jumpsuit and the yellow one is the cardigan. The jumpsuit itself is sleeveless but the cardigan over it is full sleeves. The price of this jumpsuit/onesie is £45 and its available through I LUV Designer. Buy Zahra Jumpsuit in UK from here.

Zahra Ahmad Jump Suits UK Collection for Winter 2014

Zahra Ahmad Jump Suit for Winter United Kingdom