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Zahra Ahmad needs no introduction in Pakistani Fashion Industry. She is one of the earliest fashion designers in Pakistan. Zahra Ahmad Started fashion designing in Lahore some 20 years ago. Now Zahra Ahmad has over 30 stores across Pakistan and the brand “Zahra Ahmad” is very popular among Pakistani Women.

Buy Zahra Ahmad Dresses Online

Zahra Ahmad Online

Latest Pakistani Fashion is now of jumpsuits. Pakistani Jumpsuits are usually either full sleeves or they come with a cardigan which is full sleeves. Pakistani Winter Fashion was mostly made in linen although some of the premium articles did come in Silk, mixed silk and chiffon. Well everyone in Pakistan knows where to buy Zahra Ahmad. And the answer is simple. From their stores which are all across Pakistan. But the question for overseas Pakistani Women is, where to buy dresses of Zahra Ahmad Online? Well there are not a lot of options to buy Zahra Ahmad online to be honest. As when you search Zahra Ahmad online, you either find blogs or facebook pages with just the images. There is no pricing given and no method explained as to how to order Zahra Ahmad Dresses online. And usually when you contact these pages, they will either tell you its out of stock or they wont even bother to reply.

Buy Zahra Ahmad Dresses Online

Well if you are a fan of Zahra Ahmad, then you are going to be very delighted with this news. Now Zahra Ahmad is available online through their official retailer I LUV Designer. I LUV Designer is a company based in Manchester, United Kingdom. I LUV Designer is an online retailer of Pakistani Designer Dresses and they stock Zahra Ahmad as well. To be honest I dont know a single other online retailer which has full range of Zahra Ahmad available online and with correct stock details.

Buy Zahra Ahmad Dresses online at I LUV Designer

I have noted quite a few good points about buying Zahra Ahmad Dresses online from I Luv Designer. For Example

1) As soon as a new dress comes in stock, its published on I LUV Designer’s Facebook Page so if you like their facebook page, as soon as they will release a dress you will get a notification in your facebook newsfeed.

2) We have compared the prices of Zahra Ahmad dresses on I LUV Designer with Zahra Ahmad prices in Pakistan and to our surprise, they are an exact match. I guess that’s the benefit of buying from an official online retailer of Zahra Ahmad that even if you are buying outside Pakistan, you don’t have to pay extra for Zahra Ahmad Dresses.

3) When you go to the website of I LUV Designer to buy Zahra Ahmad Dresses Online, you can quickly see what dress is available in which size. Unlike some facebook pages, you do not have to wait for a reply only to find out that the size of the dress you were looking for is not available anymore.

4) No Pre-Orders. On I LUV Designer, all of the stock that is advertised, is in stock in Manchester. So you can get Zahra Ahmad dresses in UK as quick as next day but that is when you opt out for next day delivery service. I inquired about shipping to USA and I was told that it takes 2 days for delivery in USA which is not bad.

5) I LUV Designer delivers world wide. They accept payments through PayPal, Bank Transfer and Western Union.

6)  As I LUV Designer is the only authorized online retailer of Zahra Ahmad, by buying from I LUV Designer you are guaranteed to receive the original designer dress and not a replica or a fake dress. When you are paying the price of a designer suit, why should you get a replica or fake suit?

Zahra Ahmad Winter Collection 2014

Zahra Ahmad’s winter collection is now available at I LUV Designer. It has both Formal and Semi Casual Dresses. Most of the collection is made in linen with the signature Polka Dots Jumpsuit made in mixed silk, cardigan in chiffon and chiffon animal print Dupatta.

Here are the pictures from the official photo shoot (courtesy of I LUV Designer) of Winter 2014 Collection of Pakistani Fashion by Zahra Ahmad. This Whole Winter 2014 Collection of Zahra Ahmad has been Shot on the Model Meera Ansaari (Daughter of Bushra Ansaari) Please don’t forget to send us your feedback in the comments below. Happy Shopping!!!