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Zainab Hasan

Zainab Hasan

Zainab Hasan is a Pakistani Couture brand from Karachi. While being no so old, Zainab Hasan is a statement brand. Its for the women, who want to stand out.Zainab Hasan is popular for being creative with the fabric. She does not hesitate to experiment with the fabric and she has no boundaries for it. Now this results in extremely unique designs. Now if you have a Pakistani wedding coming up and you are guest (make sure you are not the bride lol ), make sure you checkout the new Zainab Hasan collection.

Zainab Hasan 2015 collection started with the experiments on the crochet. As it was released on Valentine’s Day in UK, it had a (and my favourite) red crochet dress with white pearls on it. (I bought mine from I LUV Designer as i live in Manchester).

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Zainab Hasan Online

Zainab Hasan is officially only available at I LUV designer. Now the good thing is that as well as being a boutique in Manchester, United Kingdom, I LUV designer has a website as well which delivers worldwide so if you are not in Manchester, there is no need to worry as you can buy Zainab Hasan online at